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The 2023 Charity

The 2023 charity benefit was chosen at the Village Hall AGM and is:

Billericay Foodbank

About us

The Billericay Foodbank was established in 2018 and we are grateful for all the support we have received since then from the churches in the town, our local councils, local voluntary organisations, local businesses and members of the general public.

Billericay Foodbank is a Registered Charity (charity number 1194869) and our main premises are at the Community Hub, 8-10 High Street, Billericay.  If you are passing please feel free to drop in with a bag of food, but you are welcome to come in just to say hello!!

For further information
telephone:  07707 466262
email:         info@billericayfoodbank.org.uk
Website:    billericayfoodbank.org.uk/