Taoist Tai Chi Society

Registered Charity No. 1053425
The Taoist Tai Chi Society of Great Britain is a registered charity dedicated to making the health benefits of practicing Taoist Tai Chi available to all who wish to experience them.

Continuing Class
Thursdays 10.00 12.00pm at Ramsden Bellhouse Village Hall (Old Hall).
Contact: Nita Lucas (Class instructor) Tel: 01268 560362

Tai Chi Demonstration
The Taoist Tai Chi Society internal art of taijiquan is a gentle set of movements that promotes health and well-being for people of all ages and in all health conditions.  The Taoist Tai Chi internal art of taijiquan consists of a set of 108 movements and associated exercises and training methods, specifically designed for improving health in the holistic sense.  It is distinguished at the physical level by its emphasis on the full extension of limbs and the continuous turning of the waist and spine in order to exercise the whole body.

Tai Chi Demonstration

The benefits can include: improved circulation, balance and posture; increased strength and flexibility; and reduced stress.  With regular practice, the Taoist Tai Chi internal arts reach deep inside to benefit the entire body including the tendons, joints, spine, connective tissue and internal organs and help restore the calmness and peace of mind that is often lost through the desires and anxieties of daily life.

Tai Chi Demonstration

Although not a substitute for medical treatment, these internal arts can help to improve the health and quality of life of people living with a wide range of health problems such as poor circulation, high blood pressure, arthritis, back pain, joint immobility, respiratory problems, digestive orders, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis.  For younger and/or fitter people it can offer a challenging workout in addition to the benefits previously mentioned.

More information can be obtained from the Society's website at www.taoist.org.uk