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Diamond Jubilee Tea Dance 3rd June 2012

The hall was decked out with flags and bunting thanks to the efforts of Joan, our lady in charge.
Members attended dressed as befitting such an occasion.

ballroom dancing group
ballroom dancing group

The evening finished with a chorus of Land of Hope and Glory and the National Anthem.

ballroom dancing group
ballroom dancing group

Charity Square Dance 19th May 2012

The Dance section held its Charity Square Dance in aid of the J's Hospice on 19th May 2012.
It was well attended with people from local to Barkingside.

Square dance caller

The proceedings were under the control of Peter Skiffens,
our professional caller who hails from Hertfordshire.
If needed for your event he can be contacted via  squarecaresound@btconnec.com.

As you can see from the smiles and looks of concentration it was an evening of trying to remember left, right, forward, backward, sideways, partners, corners and such like.  We did, however, successfully raise 330 for the charity and thanks to all those for coming out for a good time and to give to others.

Annual Easter Bonnet Dance

We held our Annual Easter Bonnet Dance on 8th April 2012.
It was well attended by members who had various funny ways of expressing the theme.

Easter Bonnet Dance
Easter Bonnet Dance

"Burns Night" at the Sunday Dance Club

Burns Night
Burns Night
Burns Night
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