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Joan Telkman

In 2013 we held The Joan Telkman Memorial Dance, in honour of Joan, who ran the Ballroom Dancing Section for 23 years.

We invited current members of the dancing section and past members who'd known Joan, about 25 in all.   Joan used to lay on a cooked three course meal for us in the summer, which became our traditional Summer Ball.  All her own work, aided by her daughters.

Ballroom Dancing

So we decided to hold a Memorial Dance instead in her honour.  Her two daughters attended as guests of honour.   Joan was also known for her floral arrangements and her favourites were daffodils.   So we decided to theme the whole thing on Marie Curie Cancer charity whose emblem is a daffodil, and donated proceeds of the raffle.

Ballroom Dancing

A selection of cold buffet foods was laid on and after a brief "nod" to Joan, trying not to become too sentimental in front of her daughters, we also did some dancing!   Linda and Karen were delighted that not only were we continuing to run the club between us, which they knew to be what their mother would have wanted, but that we celebrated Joan's work for the club over the years, something which had been an important part of her life especially since her husband died.

A good time was had by all we think!

We wish to advise that our Founder, Joan Telkman, died suddenly on 9th February 2013.   She ran this section for 23 years and will be greatly missed.  In Joan's honour, the Dance Section is continuing and our meetings are, as usual, on Sunday evenings between 7.30pm and 10.30pm.

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Photos to follow shortly.

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A most enjoyable evening was spent remembering Joan and dancing to the music she loved.

Celebrating Halloween October 2013

halloween group

Members attended dressed as befitting such an occasion.

Celebrating Glenys' 70th birthday

birthday group
birthday group
birthday group

Members gathered to celebrate Glenys' 70th birthday in
September 2013.


The Charity Square Dance on 18th May 2013 was a resounding success, raising lots of money for the Village Hall Charity, Parkinsons UK.

So far this year we have celebrated Burns Night with a buffet dance and the romantics in us celebrated Valentines Day with yet another buffet dance.  Easter was celebrated with an Easter Hat parade.
Our next celebration will, of course, be Christmas.

Ballroom Dancing

See below for pictures from the dance floor.

Diamond Jubilee Tea Dance 3rd June 2012

ballroom dancing group
The hall was decked out with flags and bunting thanks to the efforts of Joan, our lady in charge.
ballroom dancing group
Members attended dressed as befitting such an occasion.

The evening finished with a chorus of Land of Hope and Glory and the National Anthem.

ballroom dancing group ballroom dancing group

Charity Square Dance 19th May 2012

The Dance section held its Charity Square Dance in aid of the J's Hospice on 19th May 2012.   It was well attended with people from local to Barkingside.

Square dance caller
The proceedings were under the control of Peter Skiffens, our professional caller who hails from Hertfordshire.   If needed for your event he can be contacted via  squarecaresound@btconnec.com.

As you can see from the smiles and looks of concentration it was an evening of trying to remember left, right, forward, backward, sideways, partners, corners and such like. We did, however, successfully raise 330 for the charity and thanks to all those for coming out for a good time and to give to others.