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2022 Village Hall Christmas Bazaar
Saturday 26th November 2022

The Horticultural Society put together four large hampers to raffle at the Village Hall Christmas bazaar.

The contents were all donated by Society members and assembled by Val Jones.  This raised the sum of £314 for the Village Hall funds.


2022 AGM
Monday 21st November 2022

On Monday 21st November 2022 we had our AGM, where the Committee gave reports on the meetings and events of the Society in the past year.

At the end of the AGM the Certificates of Merit and trophies were presented for 2022.

We now look forward to organising our events for 2023.

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Beetle Drive
Saturday 29th October 2022

The Beetle Drive was held on 29th October. We had 28 people join in on the hilarity of the evening.

The dice were vigorously shaken and thrown about, followed by the hurried filling in of the beetle image.

It was good to see that the enjoyment did not overshadow the object of the evening, which was to raise money for “Charms” charity based in Chelmsford.

A total of £274 has been added to the efforts of the whole Village in raising money for this Charity.

Autumn Show
Saturday 17th September 2022

Our Autumn show was well supported, both in terms of entries in the morning and then by the general public in the afternoon, once the show had opened.

Congratulations to the following who won Certificates of Merit.

Carol Dines - Floral art exhibit for "Baby you're a firework".
Tony Rogers - Best exhibits in both the vegetble and fruit sections: 9 cherry red tomatoes and three apples, culinary
Angela Hodivala - Best exhibit in the homecraft section for her lemon curd.

We had well over 150 entries from 25 exhibitors.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making the show a success.

Some of the lovely displays including:

'Baby you're a firework'                            '9 red cherry tomatoes'

lemon curd

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Summer Show
Saturday 11th June 2022

A huge THANK YOU to all those who supported our Summer Show on 11th June.

We had a fantastic display of roses, flowers, vegetables, handicraft, floral art and cookery from 32 exhibitors and well over 100 entries.

Huge congratulations to the winners including those who received Certificate of Merit for the best exhibits in their respective sections.  The judges were impressed by both the quantity and quality of the entries in the hall.

Winners of the Certificate of Merits were as follows:

Roses - Rusi Hodivala
General Flowers - Val Jones
Cookery - Matthew Carpenter
Handicraft - Salina Tyerman
Floral Art - Gail Carpenter

Thank you to all of those people who contributed to make the show a success.

Some of the lovely displays including:

'Platinum Jubilee arrangement'                            'Hostas'

platinum jubilee
                                                        'Something from the garden made
                 'Sweet Peas'                               from recycled material'

summer show sweet peas
summer show class 47
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March Mini Show
Monday 20th March 2022

Our March meeting included our Mini Show, which consisted of 14 classes, mainly for daffodil exhibits.

We had a glorious display of blooms which included trumpet, large cup, small cup, multi head and doubles. The scent of spring flowers filled the room.

There were 62 entries from 12 exhibitors with Best in Show awarded to Rusi Hodivala for his large cup daffodil.

Thank you to everyone who supported the show.

daffodils class 1
daffodils class 1
daffodils class 1

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Meadowcroft Garden Centre visit
Wednesday 2nd March 2022

On 2nd March, the Society was invited by Meadowcroft Garden Centre to see the 'behind the scenes' work which goes into producing their annual Pansy & Viola Festival.


31 members and friends went along and saw the workings of the propagation and production from seeds to full plants, which was extremely interesting, especially as a lot of the stages are managed by robots.

The owner, Roland and son Michael, were kind enough to show us around.

Some of our group arrived early to enjoy lunch in the excellent restaurant before viewing the process.


The Pansy & Viola Festival is held from
12th to 20th March.

To see more about Meadowcroft Garden Centre
click here
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