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Magic of the Music Hall    Summer Show    February meeting report   

Magic of the Music Hall
Sunday 7th July 2019

We are thrilled to announce that our recent charity fundraiser “The Magic of the Music Hall”, presented by Irene Bouquet, raised £490 for HEARING HELP ESSEX .


Tea and cake were provided to all our visitors as we learned more about, and good to sing about, some of the most famous songs from the musical hall era.

HEARING HELP ESSEX are an Essex based hearing loss charity that try to alleviate the loneliness and isolation that hearing loss can bring through a wide range of services.


This amount will go towards the the Village Hall's Charity of the Year total which will presented at the AGM in January 2020. Thank you all those who supported the event.

Horticultural Society Summer Show
Saturday 8th June 2019


The first major show of the year was held on 8th June at Ramsden Bellhouse Village Hall. There was something for everyone from roses, sweet peas, hostas and peonies to cakes, floral art and photography. The scent of the roses filled the entire hall!

Certificate of Merit

Some stunning rose blooms were on display with Mike Jollands winning 6 out of 7 classes and took home the Certificate of Merit for best rose exhibit for his vase of 3 specimen blooms.  We also had 3 entries in the novice class which is fantastic to see.  Well done to all those who entered.


To see the full photo gallery click Horticultural Society Summer Show 2019here

February meeting
Monday 15th February 2019

This evening we had a talk on daffodils by David Gillam who has, years ago, entered our shows in this very hall.  He is now a national daffodil and dahlia grower. He shared some of his tips for growing and showing daffodils. Our March meeting will include our Daffodil Mini Show and it is hoped this talk will encourage lots of members to bring their blooms along.


Potato Competition

We also launched our seed potato competition for the Autumn Show in September.  All you need to do is get one of our seed potatoes and a bag and get growing.


The variety of potato is vales sovereign after some fantastic results in 2018.  These should be planted out in April with some compost and watch them grow.

Get in contact today if you would like one. For members the cost is 50p.  For non members it is £1.


Our Show Schedule for 2019 has now been printed and i available to collect once membership for
2019 has been paid.


The Schedule details the monthly meetings, social events and show dates for 2019.  It also sets out the wide variety of classes for our Summer and Autumn Shows.  These Schedules will also be hand delivered to every house in Ramsden Bellhouse, with our committee out delivering in the next few weeks.


A huge thank you to Summerhill Garden Centre who sponsor our Schedule and feature on the back page.  Get yours today!

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